mbike Climate Veil’s Winter Face Mask is the ultimate in winter head wear. With multiple ways to wear, it will keep your head, face and neck more warm, dry and protected from the wind on even the coldest of days.
Great for wearing by itself or with a hat or helmet, its wicking fabric has anti-fog properties, reducing fogging when used with goggles and eyewear. The mask has dual ventilation options: wear it one way for low energy activities and increased temperature protection, or the second way with larger air holes for more intense activity. Both ways provide protection for the mouth and lips from large airborne particles, cold and sun. It also comes with ear protection, in a thinner fabric to allow better hearing, combined with ear loops, to stop the mask slipping down in high winds or when worn with a hat or helmet.

  • Multiple ways to wear. Cover as much or as little of your head, neck and face as you prefer. Use as a headband or even as a full balaclava.
  • Dual Ventilation mouth coverage with small or wider breathing holes
  • Active PP Fibre
  • Seam Free comfort
  • Thinner ear coverage for better hearing, and ear loops to prevent slipping
  • One size fits most.
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