Enjoy your backyard even on hot sunny days. The cooling home mister from Climate Veil will cool your outdoor entertaining area instantly.

Easy to install
The low pressure patio misting system works with standard household pressure and cold water. The system comes complete with 6 metres of misting line, 11 fine misting nozzles as well as brackets and supply line to make installation easy. There is nothing more to buy just connect it to an outdoor spigot or garden hose.

Reduces temperature by up to 10 degrees
The nozzles spray a fine mist of water that delivers a flash of cooling to deliver welcome relief from the heat of the day. The fine water molecules evaporate removing the heat energy in the air. This process instantly reduces the surrounding temperature by up to 10oC.

Superior nozzles
The Climate Veil home mister easily attaches to your patio or home roofing to cool you and your family all summer. The nozzles have been specially designed not to rust and are more resistant to calcium deposits, which lead to clogging. The Climate Veil nozzles produce a gentle evaporating mist that is noticeably superior to other systems.

Comes with a 1 year factory warranty.

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