Climate Veil products deliver superior cooling and warming protection from the often harsh conditions of the Australian environment. Whether you enjoy cycling, horse riding,  golf, cricket, tennis, bushwalking, jogging, camping or any other activity which takes you outside, Climate Veil can make life more comfortable.


Evaporative cooling

Climate Veil specialises in products that cost efficiently cool and protect you in summer. Cutting edge active wear fabric technologies provide effective cooling and maximum UV protection. Scientifically designed material gives amazing results when you use our towels to bring down the heat. Evaporative misters cool you instantly and the Misting Lines have the amazing add on effect of deterring flying pests – imagine a back porch BBQ, free of flies and Mosquitos!

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Featured Sport

If you love getting out on course, you know for a fact you want to keep the number of strokes to a minimum. That definitely includes heat stroke. A local pro told us there were more than a dozen ambulances called to his course last summer for heat stricken golfers. Climate Veil arm sleeves are almost magic in their ability to cool the arms whilst providing maximum UV protection. On a good round you’re out there for four hours, sunscreen just isn’t enough. Cut back on sun damage and keep cool with our arm sleeves. Also, Climate Veil cooling towels are fantastic for those moments between shots. Wet it, Wring it and Snap it, then wear it like a scarf, the combined cooling effects are incredible. Finally, the Compact Hand Mister is small yet packs a punch. Fill it up at water stations, pump and mist for the restorative effect of evaporative cooling.

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