cm70Easy to operate, the Compact hand mister will cool you down on a hot day or after a hard work out. Just fill with water, pump and mist to enjoy an ultra-fine cooling mist. The 70mL Personal mister comes with a one year factory warranty.

The compact hand mister from Climate Veil delivers a cooling mist to lower the temperature of the air around you. You instantly feel cool, perfect for use on hot sunny days.

Small and easy to carry
The Climate Veil mister is light and easily fits into your gym or handbag, making it the completely portable cooling solution. It can go anywhere you go.

Light and portable
This mister has a 70mL capacity and is slim in design, so it won’t weigh your bag down.
No ongoing costs
There are no batteries. With just a few pumps you’ll have a steady stream of fine water quickly cooling you.

Everyone can use it
This personal mister is great for cooling down kids. Pack one in their sports bag so they can cool off at breaks or between matches.

Mist and stay cool not wet
Unlike standard spray bottles, the Climate Veil mister won’t make you feel soaked. The special nozzle delivers a flash of cooling to relieve you instantly. The fine water molecules evaporate removing the heat energy in the air. This process instantly reduces the surrounding temperature by up to 10°C.

mistincartStart cooling

To start cooling down with the Climate Veil mister simply:
1. Fill the bottle with water to the line. Make sure not to overfill.
2. Replace the cap and gently tighten to secure the nozzle in place.
3. Give the base a few pumps. You can pump the mister up to 15 times. But be careful not to over pump.
4. Push the button to enjoy a cooling ultra fine mist of water.
5. To secure the mister, place the strap over your wrist.
The compact hand mister comes with a 1 year factory warranty.

Mister care
Keeping your mister in top condition is easy. Always use clean water. Depressurise the mister first before opening the cap. To clean, rinse the bottle with soap and water. Air dry open bottle upside-down and be sure no water is left sitting in tubing. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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