The Climate Veil cooling inner cap or skull cap keeps your head cool and protects your helmet from being effected by sweat absorption directly into your helmet that can lead to odour build up.

Wearing the helmet liner you can keep the sting of sweat out of your eyes for a more comfortable ride.

The riding cap is specially designed to wick sweat away from your head. The quick moisture wicking technology in the fabric draws moisture off the skin.

The generous mesh crown aerates the head so that cool air can continue to circulate.

At just 22grams the cap is exceptionally thin and light weight. The skull cap is unisize. One size fits most.

The helmet liner has built-in coverage for your ears to stop them being effected by wind-chill and aching in colder weather. Make your next adventure outside more enjoyable with this windproof cap.

Wear your Climate Veil headwear under your helmet while on your bicycle, motorcycle, skis, horse riding, playing cricket or out snowboarding. Put it on when you go for a run or workout to wick away perspiration and keep hair out of your face.

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