The large cooling towel from Climate Veil will cool you down instantly on hot sunny days. The Climate Veil cooling towel is a chemical free, light and portable way to stay cool all summer.

Start the cooling immediately

  1. Simply soak the towel in water.
  2. Ring out the water so you can avoid drips or wetting your clothes.
  3. Snap the towel a couple of times to activate the cooling. The wind created from the snapping motion pushes air through the fabric starting the evaporative cooling

How it works
The specially designed fabric in the cooling towel swells to hold large amounts of water. When air passes through the fabric the water evaporates removing heat energy from the air and lowering the temperature. When this wet towel is put close to your skin the water soaked into the fibres evaporates and makes your skin feel cooler.

Light and dries quickly

Using ordinary towels can be bulky and heavy. Regular towels can also take a long time to dry after use. The cooling towel dries quickly and can be easily machine washed to keep it in top condition.

Staying cool helps performance

Improve your performance in whatever sport you play by regulating your body temperature with Climate Veil’s cooling towel.

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